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New Changes for 2018 Filing Season

There will be some major changes in the 2018 Filing Season with regards to Tax Reform.

One very big concern is that if the standard deduction increases to $24,000 from the current 12,000 (approximate amounts for filing status MFJ), here is what disappears!

  • Personal exemptions are gone..(this means no more 2750×4. If you are a household of more than 4, this impact will increase your taxable income.
  • Mortgage interest is no longer a deduction on the Schedule A.

Note to All Clients/Prospective Clients:  The ACA (Affordable Care Act) is in its second year for individuals and companies to report health insurance coverage on their tax returns. Here is some information to help you understand what you might need to submit with your tax documents, so that your tax returns will be prepared accurately:

1095 A:  Health  Insurance Marketplace Statement.

1095 B: Health Coverage

1095 C: Employer-Provided Insurance

Here are some need to know definitions:

MEC-Minimum Essential Coverage-

The new 1095 form will be a new Important Tax Document for many people. Please do not discard or ignore this. Some tax returns can not be filed with out this form.


Download and print your copy here:


Download Form 1095

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